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At Merit Food Products Co., Ltd. (MFP), we are committed to providing high-quality, fully integrated services to ensure our clients' success and consumer satisfaction.

Clients can well rest assured that their investments are worthwhile as we are readily staffed with dedicated team of professionals who are highly skilled with both industry know-how and experience, and are committed to servicing and facilitating their every business requirement.


For clients who have specific product requirements (whether for private labels or for specific applications such as cooking ingredients, ready-to-serve refreshments or ready-to-mix cocktails), MFP has a team of R&D professionals and experts on hand to provide clients with: feasibility studies; vital information on changing consumer trends and demands in key markets such as Australia, Europe, the Middle East and the US; initial consultations; and the commitment to work alongside clients to fulfill their customization needs in three key areas -- marketing, formula/flavor and packaging – in order to speed time to market and ensure favorable market acceptance.


For the distribution process, clients can choose to use the"Product Traceability"service as a tool to improve business operations in terms of safety and risk management. Various business benefits yielded from the traceability include fighting against counterfeit and parallel markets, and conducting prompt investigation into causes of food accidents that may occur.

With a strong will and a commitment to best serve our clients, MFP team is also ready to provide assistance and help clients address key concerns whenever and however possible. These are, indeed, values we take great pride in as we see ourselves as our clients’ partner in business and in success.



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